MRL has never made Cassette Calibration tapes, either on open reel or in cassettes. Here is another company that might be able to help you:

For BASF Calibration Tapes:
JRF Magnetic Sciences
249 Kennedy Rd
Greendell, NJ 07839

Tel +1 973 579 5773
Fax +1 973 579 6021

===== Update =====
On 2009-12-15, JRF wrote to us, saying:

"The supply of cassette tapes has dwindled down to a few Wow & Flutter plus some 6.3kHz Azimuth tapes.
We will most likely run out some time in early 2010.
We have been trying to find a new source, however, so far it has been a dead-end search.
We will let you know if something materializes."

Cassette Calibration tapes used to be available from TEAC, and from STL (Standard Tape Laboratory), of Woodside, CA.
As of 1999-04-30, STL has stopped production of open-reel, cartridge, and cassette calibration tapes.

If you happen to find other Cassette Calibration Tape manufacturers, send us a message and we'll add them to this list.

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